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This has been a long time, coming- about two years in the making. Steve's very own signature pre-mod that he designed and directed.

A Message from Steve:


What Aizome is, to summarize, it's indigo dye and its created by a very meticulous process in Tokushima Japan. The dye is used to make beautiful blues in art, denim and other fabrics.

My favorite color is blue and my design was inspired and based off of the art and denim they make with Aizome without making it look too crazy haha! Middle stripe, tracking dot and string are an aqua/teal color that match the lighter tones of the dye.

The two dark blue lines are the dark tones you see like in denim and most Aizome art.

The white stripes were inspired by the white lines that look like waves or a fan in certain art of indigo dyeing but also the stitching in denim!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the tama I got to design!!

Unfortunately the Tamas will be on the lighter side and at the very most will be 11g lighter than the Ken."


Full Beech
Choice of ET or Satin Paint
2020 Squab Shape
7+ Finger string

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