TYTY: Snot Rocket | Analog
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TYTY: Snot Rocket

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This is our way of saying Thank You to all of you for an amazing three years of support! This particular TYTY Mod is a throwback to one of our OG color ways; the Snot Rocket.

We went with a half split design and pink dot for optimal tracking. We added three burn lines on the tama for every year we've been around. For this design we had to go with the Squab C shape as its quickly becoming a favorite + a Maple ken for durability and an Ash tama for killer grain and it's ability to break in like no other hardwood.

Maple ken + Ash tama
3% Larger Squab C Shape
Portal Balance Hole
Tracking dot
Satin Paint
Burn lines
Weight: ~75g+ (may vary)
6 Finger + String
Bearing Spinner

*Please allow up to 5 Days for order fulfillment*

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