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Image of Shiro PreMod: Adrian Elvambuena

Shiro PreMod: Adrian Elvambuena

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2021 Shape
Beech Ken
Sticky Paint
Includes Bulk pack of string + Bearing spinner
AE stickers
AE Bag

This is our team member, Adrian Elvambuena's Pre-Mod that we have had in the works for almost a year. Some word from Adrian:

"Shiro, in Japanese means castle. I wanted to base this design off something dama related that was a huge milestone for me, that being of course traveling to Japan for the KWC. One particular moment from that trip that was one of my favorite experiences was visiting the Osaka Castle which is exactly what the Tama is based off of. While also being a nod to Kencastle, the Vegas homies who I essentially grew playing dama with.

The upper half of the Tama is that jade sage green to match the roof panels of the castle while the white is for the walls. With the gold string to accent the Tama as how there’s all the gold accents on the castle like the gold fish at the very top. The sakura pink fade on the bottom is to represent the spring time, Sakura cherry blossoms, as a nod to when I started playing dama in the spring a decade ago now.

I hope whoever gets one of these damas enjoys the design I created. Thank you for the support with copping a premed and for throughout all the years!"

-Adrian Elvambuena

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