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PRE-ORDER: Day Dream (2020 Shape)

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This is part of our Project 001: We asked the community to vote for which designs they wanted us to produce, and then we opened up pre-orders on them to allow everyone to have the chance to get their hands on the most requested damas at a discounted price.

These are expected to take 2-3 Months to produce, and may have Covid related delays (fingers crossed that there isn't).

We will have Production Updates both on this page as well as on our instagram Profile.

Thank you all for letting us try this out, this is a first for us and possibly a first within the community. We appreciate you coming along for the ride with us! :)

2020 Shape + Portal
Maple Ken
Hybrid Tama (70% Maple Top, beech 30% Bottom)
8+ Finger String
Bearing Bead
ET or Satin Paint

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