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Dave Cher V2 Pro-Mod

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Dave Cher has been with us from the very start of Analog and this Pro Mod has been a long time in the making. The three different shades of blue Dave chose were inspired by the Northern Lights, which can be seen in his home country Canada. He also chose three simple but special engravings. The engraving on top of the big cup MMII is his birth year, a Maple leaf beneath the big cup pays homage to Canada, and of Course his Signature in the big cup.

The V2 version now features a portal in the basecup for optimal lunar balance and two off white tracking stripes for added visibility!

Maple Ken
Beech tama
Larger & Wider Cups
PORTAL Balance Hole
Tracking Dot

Weight: ~70-75g (weight may vary)

*A portion of each sale goes to Dave Cher

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